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Written in collaboration with Jay Dragon.

The Deep is strange and beautiful and extends forever beneath our feet. How far will you descend, and what marks will you make? An Old School Renaissance-style game featuring legacy elements for the GM, but not the players.

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
TagsOne-page, Tabletop


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This game sounds really interesting, but I'm hopelessly confused by the rules for creating and using the Places and Elements tables in-game. Are the rules meant to be up for interpretation, or is there something I'm missing?


This is a fantastic rule set. I am a bit confused about the reference to an overleaf. Is that coming in an update?

I agree.

It looks like the 'raw' version of the rules is not present and the clean version has at least one rule cut off at the end.

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This looks really cool. I can imagine many characters losing all readiness rather easily, and just standing around wide eyed in the middle of a cavern. Edit: I love that the GM is supposed to use the same table, giving it the feel of many explorers working together to map and explore the treacherous Deep.


I was looking forward to Grant Howitt's collaboration with Jay Dragon, and it didn't fail in terms of sparks. The Rules of the Deep mixes old-fashioned dungeon exploration (with initiative rules and all the rest) and mystical descent in underground passages reminding me of my experience of Veins of the Earth: in a series of increasingly surreal rules, the two authors manage to create an atmosphere that few longer games manage to summon. And on top of that, it's a legacy game, where each group of players personifies the underground while trying to sanitize it... So what are we waiting for to go down?