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You are a member of the College Errant - an organisation based in a magical flying castle that roves the land looking to avert arcane disasters and fight injustice. You have precisely zero authority to do this, the cops hate you, and you are wanted in several countries for collateral damage caused whilst saving the world.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsOne-page, Tabletop


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Sex update when


genuinely the best tabletop rpg ever created.

I just bought this based off of this comment!


My regular 5e group plays weekly online. On weeks where someone has to miss, the players take turns DMing a 1-shot so our regular DM gets a chance to play occasionally. I found out last minute I had to run a 1-shot tonight and had nothing prepared. Came across this and we had an insanely fun 2 hours with only about 10 minutes of planning on my part. We were in tears laughing, VERY easy to jump into a character and lots of opportunity for humor. You're a lifesaver--will come back in the future and will definitely tip again!


10/10 would highly recommend. Soup Kitchen the dangerous rebel with a cool jacket, wielding a ghost-wolf chain almost drowned in the eyes of a water elemental, and ended up on a date with 1/3 of a terracotta army


very fun game. my sexy battle wizard THEODOCIOUS BANPHREESTA barely ever rolled above a 4 but i got really emotionally attached. 5/5 in the sexy, battle, and wizard categories. would play again.