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The DERELICT is a great big beautiful trash rocket smashing through space and it is jam-packed with ORCS, generations upon generations of them, sporing and scrapping, building murderous idols to their mad gods, and praying for DOOM when the Derelict will crash into heaven and disgorge every dead-hard big-toothed bastard in a glorious tide of violence.

YOU are an ORC, and you fight and kill and pray and scheme and tinker and howl for a place in heaven.

ORC BORG is a zine-length standalone RPG with beautiful, brutal art on every page. ORC BORG is a collaboration between Grant Howitt (Spire, Heart, Honey Heist, Goblin Quest) and ROLLINKUNZ (Fragnarok, The Dungenerator, Goblinfinite). It's powered by the MÖRK BORG engine - so it's fast, cruel, and obsessed with the apocalypse. 

 In it you'll find, amongst other things:

- Everything you need to make an obsessive weirdo desperately trying to accelerate the apocalypse 

- New guns, powered and unpowered melee weapons, and lots of miscellaneous bits and pieces to steal from anyone foolish enough to leave them unguarded on account of being dead

- Rules for piloting, fighting and stealing legendary Big Robots such as BANG TEN THOUSAND, MASSIVE PROBLEM, and RUST BITCH

- Cybernetic limb replacement rules and a unique orc cyborg class called, ingeniously, the ORCBORG

- Guidance for jamming existing dungeon maps into the Derelict to avoid doing any actual prep work

- Two new kinds of Power: distilled Technowizardry (Summon a monorail car! 3D-print your dinner!) and yell-powered Orc Prayers (Make guns much louder, and therefore much deadlier! Get twice as big!)

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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If someone wanted to make something for Orc Borg, would it be okay to just copy paste the mork borg license but for Orc Borg? Like How if you make something for Vast Grimm, you put the MB 3PL and the VG 3PL.

I just received my physical copy and read it. Never played Morg Borg, so question I have, how darkness play rule wise? There are parts where there are light or dark and I couldn't find rule how it works.


local game store received several copies and I could not be happier! 

I'm interested in writing solo module similar to Dark Fort, Neon Borg, etc; but with a little more meat like Harroshade.  Are you using the same licensing model MORK BORG?


No community copies?

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When is next printing? My group loves Mörk Borg and the delicious insanity of orcs; man I’d love to have a physical copy.


Hi! I ordered a print copy from spelexperten, but it did not come with a .pdf. Would it be somehow possible to have one?


Any chance of getting a print version of this?


While Orc Borg does not require tactical miniature combat, that is the way my group will be playing it (might plugin Forbidden Psalm like rules). Anyone else wishing to do so, I found the perfect set of 15mm space orc minis (30 for only $14.99) on etsy.

If there is any part of you that is considering getting OrcBorg because of its fluorescent imagery and vulgar language. DO IT. This is an EXTREMELY well written rules light game that I cannot get enough of. 

Check out the Generatorc too!

When are we getting a volume 2?