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I've been trying to write a game about Christmas movies for bloody years - I find them fascinating. (Not enough to sit down and watch the damned things, mind you - I have my pride - but the concept alone is enthralling. I've watched The Christmas Prince, and the associated sequels, a couple of times. And that time-travelling one with Vanessa Hudgens. Or was that the one about twins? Anyway. I get the idea.)

Turns out the best way to do it was to treat Hallmark's relentless heteronormatism and reinforcement of Christian, patriarchal norms as a sort of cosmic horror akin to your Cthulhus and your Kings in Yellow, and go from there. So it's a survival horror game, and it's a body horror game, and odds are you won't make it unless you fall in love and embrace the true magic of Christmas.

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Tagsbody-horror, Christmas, cosmic-horror, folk-horror, Horror, One-page


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Cool game! We played this in our German actual play podcast.

My wife has just shown me the Princess Switch movies, they're *ridiculous* and I love them and they've got me wanting to run this game for our group as a little Christmas celebration.

Thanks for all the hard work!

Hi, I couldn't find any info about license - would it be ok if I translated this game to Polish and made a hack of it?


This is simply the best Christmas present ever. Would you allow me to translate it into Chinese? I really want to share this with others!

Same! I'd like to write a French version, if that's ok with you gshowitt?

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Very cool. I love small rpgs about bad movies , might help me survive the horde of hallmark movies my sis will unleash upon me in the next week,