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Had a fantastic time with this game. Doing a bunch of one-pagers to build confidence in my GMing skills and this did the trick. Everyone enjoyed being a vindictive little creature. I think this game can go either quite dark or quite silly depending on who your players are - for my group, we got a bit of both (e.g. pastry heist, but also brutally curb stomping the witch hunter with the help of some townies). 


I just finished a single-player game with my brother, my first time running a game. Very easy to improvise/react to dice rolls and still adhere to the premise of the game. Made a couple on-the-fly decisions because it was a one-player session (Dog showed up as a backup when things got dicey), but the Witch was vindicated and Magpie got the pleasure of plucking out the murderer's eyes.


This is actual gold. It is just so much fun and it is way too easy to get into. Sessions can be extremely short and i love it.

it's a little cut off on the right sid

Love this one! Such a fun game! There is a possibility to propose a Spanish translation? It will make more easy to explain to people that don't understand English very well 


I’ve never been GM before. Decided yesterday to run this game for my usual group this morning (regular GM is work-swamped so we’ve been mostly just hanging out together for the past couple weeks). It went SO well!!!

I made my own character sheet template in Google Docs since we’re all remote from each other and meet online. I put the “You are a cute woodland animal.”, traits section, and then the whole bottom section where it explains “when you try to do something “ what happens and the Danger stuff and everything. Then I put a horizontal line and put stuff from the part of the pdf that looks like a character sheet. It looks pretty dope, if I do say so myself, and avoids having the players be able to see the GM roll tables. This worked out great, too!

The game was easy for me to run with no experience. My players were amazing and got into it very fast. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

Played last evening using "Roll for Shoes" system. Ended up with a spider specialised in cleaning up anything : magic scrolls, magic shop, weapons handles, dog's nose, forest,... Great fun. 


My main game was cancelled today so I decided to run this with some of the players who were around.  We had a great time! I'll definitely be wanting to run this again!

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I am getting this game because @Rosiello wrote an excellent review of it!


to the developer: I love the idea of this game, but my RP group likes something with a few more crunchy rules, so I've made a pathfinder module based on it. Fun to play, and I'd like to release it into the wild under a CC sharealike noncommercial license - is that ok? Will reference your game in the obligatory copyright section with a link here. :)

Did you follow up on that?

I've had no reply and have had a busy couple've months, haven't followed up yet. The adventure is written but not yet playtested, got sidetracked playtesting griffons :)

Griffons? Do go on.

Haha - it's a PF2 adventure module, with rules to play as griffins, and using the optional cinematic chase rules. Was fun to run my team through, although they got a bit sidetracked with the undead guardian priests for a while..

If you play it & enjoy it, let me know! Would love to get some feedback from other groups. Alternatively, if PF2 is not the thing, ping me with your system of preference and I'll see if I can translate the scenario for you :)

I actually play Ponyfinder with a DM in Pathfinder 2, so not that far off! Could you make some options for pony races too?


I'm very inexperienced as a GM and as a player in general, but me and my friends still had an absolute blast running a session with this game. Thanks so much for releasing this!


I love the game, but the pdf seems to be clipped at the sides meaning some of the text is lost from the last section. Is this an issue for anyone else, or just my pdf reader (the firefox browser).

it’s cut off on iPhone too. 

here’s a pic without the edges cut off. Posted by the author to Reddit.

Awesome - thank you!

it's fine when printed. Not sure why it's clipped on the phone.

This was my first time running a game and it went amazing, thankyou! 

I love this game so much! Thank you :D

What kind of animal is number 7. Magre?


is this dnd kathulu or pathfinders


none, all the rules are right on the page :)


There is another person already asking this 3 years ago with no answer but lets try again. Can you please add a text version? The handwritten version is not that great for legibility.

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Thank you for the kind offer but I don't think it would fit or format well within the comments section given the character limit. Accessibility is key though so I do hope the creator uploads a print version so my dyslexic friends can join me in a game.

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I have (unofficially) transcribed the rules:

oh my lord i got zero notifications for this or i would have thanked you far earlier. i very much appreciate this. thank you. its a shame the creator has put zero effort into this or any other request for accessibility on their other games

In case it's useful to someone else in the future, there's a small but relevant bit missing (as far as I can tell) in this transcript, namely what DANGER does mechanically: if you ever roll equal to or under your DANGER, you're in serious trouble (dead/trapped/lost/captured). 

Thanks for doing the work of making the transcript in the first place!

Thank you lilint, I made my own revision of the transcribed version, and added the DANGER mechanic, plus a couple other minor things that sebosborn's version skipped. You can find it in Markdown format now, here:

Hilarious one shot that left us rolling in laughter.  However, be prepared for things to get dark

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Fun little game for two people. Dark themes.

Actual play here! -


Can you add a text version?

There are now text versions here...

and here