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Hi there, just have a little confusion. It says to "Roll D6 equal to the relevant stat" Does that mean if the stat is 4 I roll 4 die and pick the best? If I'm just rolling the 1D6 for a +4 success I'm not sure how the rolled stats apply is all?



I believe it means rolling one d6 for every point in the relevant stat. So if your Rotundity is 3 you would roll 3 six sided dice.

our little ttrpg group has been playing this and its been a blast. 

This is so amazing, wow. I really need to run this. Fantastic concept and love the d20 item roll table too.


I want to play! How do I sign up for this? We have a raccoon puppet to use as a prop even!

To get access to the content, just click the "download now" button! It's name your price, so if you'd like you can contribute what you feel is appropriate to the author on your way to the downloads! Hope this helps. :)


One of my students in my D&D club ran this today. It was hilarious!


Is it a play on the name Crash Bandicoot or is it just a coincidence?


It's a play on Trash Pandas, mainly. But death of the author and all that, so take what impressions you will from the piece